Serawa Spirit

Where exclusivity and sustainability join together

Serawa is for those explorers who are eager of the authenticity. Neighbours, travellers and guests united by the same values.


To be in SERAWA is an experience for local people and for those who are discovering the city. All of them are part of a community eager for searching memorable experiences.


SERAWA is an oasis that respects nature and environment. For that reason, we offer an organic gastronomy with sustainable products that symbolise the true essence of each city.


Our shop opens its doors for guests and neighbours, devoting a great amount of fresh products from farmers nearby. Our final aim is to put together the journey experience and the real of each city, reflect the history and the uniqueness of each place in each of our spaces.


We take inspiration from the light and the aroma of each city to crate lively spaces. We design singular spaces where you could enjoy of an exclusive experience.


Every of our spaces are designed in a healthy way. Serawa respect the environment and nourish itself from organic products.

Peaceful luxury

Our objective is that our clients live an unique experience in a calm environment. Shared and private spaces merge to live personalised stays.


All our products are authentic in the area, Km0 and organic products. We offer experiences in which you could feel your five senses. But the most important thing, we want people as authentic as you.