Mediterranean Experience

SERAWA is a concept that unites a mediterranean, singular and own knowledge of hospitality. We create, with an ethical and committed attitude with the environment.

Ecological footprint

SERAWA’s spaces are built following accurate steps through sustainability, counting on BREEAM certificate. Taking into account sustainable construction criteria, we have hotels with a lower impact on the environment.

Zero KM Gastronomy

We have the commitment to offer you native and organic products. They are the ideal letter of introduction for the destiny you have chosen.

Eco-friendly Shop

From our shops we propose a responsable purchase from each of our shops to keep discovering and sharing at home what you have already experimented with us.

Wellness and Beauty

We bet on natural methods and respectful and fresh products with the environment, as a suitable way to help you to feel better inside and outside.


We organize your events under our ethic code which is based on our sustainability, always respecting your brand identity.


We help you to achieve to get away of your routine and to get the revitalisation that you need. We believe in the importance of growth from inside to outside, of your self-awareness and mindfulness.


Let us help you in order to steep you in the cultural environment where you develop your business and see this as a media which you can nourish yourself.

Our local services will offer you a closer experience with the environment and you can also have the chance to do your bit with the environment as we work the sustainability in our facilities and in our products, that mostly are organics.


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Contact us ! + 34 963560233


Contact us !

+ 34 963560233