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At SERAWA Moraira, we invite you to discover our new section ‘Retreats’, where we offer exclusive and varied events focused on wellness and personal growth. Each retreat features a different thematic focus, such as yoga, meditation, nutrition and more, guided by expert professionals in a safe, comfortable environment surrounded by nature.

Explore our upcoming events and book your perfect experience at SERAWA Moraira, where extraordinary and inspiring moments await you in an environment specially designed for rest, relaxation and inner peace.


Let the energy of summer envelop you and guide you on this weekend retreat.

Embark on an experience of personal transformation and revitalization with the energy of the summer solstice. This special time of the year, full of light and vitality, will give you the opportunity to renew yourself and find the peace you long for.

Join us for a weekend retreat at the charming Hotel SERAWA Moraira, where Susana Martinez will guide you on a journey to the deepest part of your being through Flow yoga classes in the morning, meditation sessions, yin yoga and yoga nidra at sunset, surrounded by the natural beauty of Moraira and its stunning coastline.

You will have free time to explore the wonders of Moraira, walk along its beaches, discover its picturesque coves and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the town. In addition, you can enjoy massages and treatments at the hotel, stay in a cozy space and take advantage of our fascinating Spa to enhance your well-being.

Throughout these three days, you will delight in a delicious Mediterranean and healthy slow food style diet. You will also be able to attend an interesting talk on nutrition by our collaborator and nutritionist Beatriz Colorado, and share magical sunsets on the hotel’s terrace with amazing people like you.

No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary to join this retreat. We invite everyone to be part of this wonderful adventure of growth and inner renewal. Come and live a unique experience at Hotel SERAWA Moraira!

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