Welcome to our SERAWA Blog space!

We’re glad to hear you’ve made it this far. As you know, we are a hotel company 100% aware of the care and respect for the environment, without detracting from the quality of the service and facilities of our hotels.

And thanks to that philosophy, we created SERAWA Blog. A place where to bring you interesting articles not only about our company, but also about thebut also on topics that we believe are very important such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Ecology, the present and future of local Culture and what measures are currently being taken to make our planet a better world.

We hope you like the content that we upload here and do not hesitate to write to us either in our section
or in any of our social networks to tell us about your concerns, doubts or anything else you consider necessary.

Thank you very much and we will read each other 🙂


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